On the Bright Side

I did have an interview that went well today, but I have to write a blog post for them, too. And it’s nichey: automotive industry.

You might think I know a lot about cars from working at the Hutch. But I don’t.

I need to actually rewrite a blog post, put it in my own words. It’s hard for me to put unfamiliar subject matter in my own words, especially when someone’s already said it fairly competently. But I will try. I think I’m just tired.

I did something kind of crazy. I emailed the Office Ladies and offered my services to them for free. I’m sure they have writers already, and I opened with that, but I said if they ever did need someone, I’d do it because I love to write and I love their show. I wouldn’t even care if they said no if they wrote back.

What? I’m networking.

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