Seeing Double

I know, I didn’t post first thing. I was running late. I’m having stomach issues today because I ate too many Fiber 1s.

You might think, why does she buy them? Well, I’ll tell you. They are only 2 points. So even a whole box is only 12 points. And they taste really good. And they go great with a glass of almond milk. I just need to learn not to have so many in one sitting.

I was thinking about back in the day, when I was tiny. I miss it. Last May I was really almost twice my original size. Two of me. Granted, as a tiny person, I could’ve stood to gain a few. A few dozen, almost. I was probably too skinny.

But I don’t want to get back to double sized. I’ve got to do this, and I’ve got to do it now.

According to my scale, I am down about 4 pounds, so at least there’s that. It’s probably so much water weight up and down, but who cares? I’ll take it.

I had a bug almost shoot into my mouth, earlier, so, not talking to myself so much while I work today.

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