Arbitration Specialist

My phone screen went well. I have a Zoom next Monday with the hiring manager. The job can be remote or hybrid, so that would be good. I like working remotely, and the kids would not need aftercare.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Possibly too much caffeine. So I was (am) tired today.

I do hope Hutchinson interviews me for the quality job soon, though. I’d like to stay with them if I can, but, on the other hand, if I can work remotely… that would be much better for me than this.

I was working remotely when I lost all that weight last year, believe it or not. I think it was because I had the time and energy to bike almost everyday, and because I was able to get into a sustainable routine. I have no problem structuring my day at home as long as I have stuff to do and the energy to do it.

I could do my workouts before or after work, either would work. That’s a lot of the word “work” in a single sentence.

Yes, I think this could be a worthwhile gig for me. I’m excited, now. I don’t think this job will be hard for me to get. They found me, sooooo…

Unless the hiring manager turns out to be my mortal enemy, or something, things are looking good.

Now that I’ve said it, watch her be my actual, mortal enemy. Nah. My mortal enemy is too “important” to be a hiring manager—no offense to any hiring managers out there! God probably isn’t as important as my mortal enemy thinks she is. Aw, well.

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