The Vasoline Trick

I’m in RU Inner today with Julia, but rear door, which is easier than front. Julia had me dip the tip of my gloved hand in a jar of Vasoline, and guess what happened? The sponges stopped sticking to my fingers. So I’m going to need to get some of my own Vasoline.

Also, I’ve found that if you gently grip them along the edge, while holding the part firmly in your other hand, it’s a much smoother process.

Aren’t you so excited to hear me talk shop? I know you are, don’t try to deny it.

Anyway, I’m happy not to be trimming; that’s where I was first thing, but Tylene moved me.

My hand is fine, by the way. Not as sore as yesterday. It really was a small cut, it was just in the wrong place.

I do not have a full-fledged plan for my eating habits yet. Okay, I don’t even have a partially-fledged plan right now. I’m just going to try to keep busy, and maybe even try getting on my bike again a little. Might as well, I’m already hot as hell.

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