Unsatisfying Lunch

Avocado egg salad is not as tasty the next day 🤢. It also looks gross.

My back is sore and my stomach hurts. Also, I got up several times last night, and yes, I did eat some snacks. Not way off program, though. I tracked everything.

Basically, I’m ready to be home, and it’s not even noon.

They’re doing free iced coffee all July. But there’s no creamer, so I bought some whole milk from the vendeteria to use as creamer. Also gross. And now I just want my regular Dunkin,’ but it’s 12 points. It would probably exacerbate my stomach upset, anyway.

It’s only 15 minutes, but sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to at lunch. Everyone sits at their own table because of COVID, except for this big group of women who don’t follow the rules.

Awww, nuts. Bye 😘 my readers.

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