I’m in RU Inner today (don’t ask me what that means; I don’t know) with Julia. I’m doing front door, which means I need the big Tetris-looking sponges. It’s not bad, but I am really sore already.

My blog post should be 750-1000+ words, which means it’s not done. I have to add more. I was thinking I could give a little background on some of the terminology, like CX. But should I be assuming my audience will already know what that is? I’m not sure, may have to ask.

The blog is based on a company podcast I was sent a link to. The podcast was actually quite interesting, and not hard for me to understand at all.

I think I know more than I think I do. Say that five times fast.

Alright, my little Tetriminos, I must go. Talk later.

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