Speaking of the Past (My Idea!)

Thirty years ago, in the eighth grade, I wrote a short story, a mystery. The story was geared toward children. In my early twenties, I wrote another iteration of the story that I think was pretty good, but needed more. Now, finally, I think I’ve thought of a way to lengthen and end the story in a satisfying way.

I don’t want to share the plot with you until it’s done (and hopefully published), because for me, that can take the fun out of writing it. So, I’m sorry, but you will just have to wait.

Fiction is my very favorite kind of writing; I get totally giddy in the process. You’ve never seen me smile or giggle so much. When I’m writing fiction for myself (as opposed to writing or ghostwriting for someone else), I am truly in my happy place.

So I’m really excited to get started. But it’s going to have to wait until after I get that podcast done.

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