Red Tab

They’ve got me on red tab again today. All I’m doing is lifting up one end of an adhesive strip off a part and applying an adhesive red tab. Oh, but I also have to measure every single part. And they are 300 to a box.

And many of the parts have quality issues, so I’ve been throwing those in “no go” boxes. There are almost four whole boxes of no go’s. At one point I was throwing far more away than I was keeping. We called Mike and Quality, but Mike said to continue to set the questionable ones aside and quality hasn’t shown up, yet.

Anyway, it’s a very easy job. And I’m fast at it, because I have long nails to peel back the strips.

For some reason, Aflac is trying to recruit me now, but I do not want to get stuck in sales. I don’t have the personality. Derek does. He can sell anything. He could easily make six figures in sales, I’ll bet.

Well, time already. Thanks for reading, wonderful readers ❤️

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