More Stuff to Do

I have a haircut at 4:00, an interview at 5:00, and I have to clean the downstairs in case my dad comes over tomorrow.

All I want to do is sit back and relax, but I don’t feel like I can until…never.

That interview I thought went so well, they never even called me.

I need to stop the Dunkin’ coffee. It is a trigger food.

I need some kind of different approach. Nothing is working, and instead of losing, I’m gaining.

This is the part where many people would say “Don’t diet.” Well, I’m not dieting. WW isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and for some reason, for months and months, now, I’m not adapting.

If I could figure out the real reason, I might be able to make some headway. It can’t still be the Depo. Could it really just be that I’m tired?

Maybe. Because it started when I became tired, and I haven’t stopped being tired since.

Shane is falling asleep on the couch. I’m jealous of him. I want to fall asleep on the couch.

That’s pretty much it for right now. I’m going to go get my haircut, now.

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