BAH! Humbug.

Can you tell I am in a very bad mood?

My stomach hurts because I ate too much at dinner. Shocking.

I am tired. Naw, really?

And I am mad that I had to spend half an hour of my Thursday night pushing back the disaster that is this house. All I did was slap a bandaid on it, you understand. I have not even scratched the surface of what needs to be done in here. I feel like I never do. No matter how much time I spend.

We have too much stuff. And yet, somehow, the stuff keeps coming. But that is only the beginning.

My interview did go well. I thought I’d messed up, but I made it to the next round: the writing test. So there’s that.

At least tomorrow is Friday. Short week.

Alright. Time to get up again. You’d think I would work off some of this extra food; I always seem to be on my feet. Anyway, goodnight, my readers. I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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