Summer Breeze

Good morning, fine readers. No, I’m not being cliche in my title. I’m working right in front of an open door today, mercifully, since there’s no fan at our work station. I’m working with Andrea today (pronounced Ahn-dray-ah). She is nice, quiet, like me. I thought she was a lot younger, but she has a 25-year-old, so she can’t be that young.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the intermittent breeze and the scent of summer, which brings me back to my childhood, and to my UNH days, since we are pretty much in the woods out here. One thing about New Hampshire, you’ve never seen so many trees in one place.

I do miss my beaches, though. The kids are old enough, we could probably go down to Swampscott for walks. But Aislyn gets car sick, so even with Dramamine, sometimes, it’s a gamble.

And already, there’s my alarm. Talk later, thanks for reading.

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