I did weigh myself this morning. Yikes. Time to get serious. As in, stop talking, start doing.

When I got inside the Hutch, the work I was supposed to be doing today had already been done by another shift. So they put me in Nissan for now. But I’m supposed to be doing cutting shortly. Cool. I like to cut.

It does mean meeting new people, though, so my anxiety meter’s up just a little.

12pm: Just kidding. Instead, I’m checking GM parts for narrow channels under supervision of Susie, who is nice, but also kind of… I don’t know… I had a word for it earlier, but I can’t remember now. Not bossy. Not micromanagerial. Ummm…I don’t know. A couple of times I’ve felt the need to say, “Well, I didn’t know that,” in a bit of a defensive manner.

Preachy? No.

It’ll come to me after I’ve published this.

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