I’m still awake. But barely. I didn’t sleep well to begin with, then decided to get up at 7:00, so, yeah, I’m winding down for sure.

I don’t know how Aislyn’s going to do with this. It will be her first year staying up. I don’t know how she’ll do with the noise. We used to have dead phones for Desmond; he had a hard time with her newborn crying. But I don’t know where those are.

I just drank a beer. That may have been a mistake. I rarely drink alcohol anymore, it’s empty calories for me. Though it could be argued that cream and sugared iced coffee is, too, and I drink that all the time.

Anyway, it doesn’t affect me like it used to, alcohol. I’d get buzzed off of, like, nothing. I was also a toothpick at the time.

Now it just makes me sleepy. So, great choice, Mama. I’m already pretty much catatonic at this time of night.

I’ve got to go. There’s more stuff that needs to get done for tomorrow. Happy 4th to my American readers, if I don’t come back later. 🎆

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