And Just Like That

I think I’m probably done for the day. It doesn’t look like I even put a dent in it. Still papers everywhere. Desmond helped a little, then said he was going to take a break. Me too, I said. Then we never came back from our break.

I’m working tomorrow. I requested it, because I can’t afford not to. But I’m so not looking forward to it. Especially after tonight, when we’ll all be up late for the fireworks. I’m already tired.

Some people I work with have the whole week off, but they have to use their vacation time. It sounds like there won’t be too many people around. Sherrie will be there, though.

It’s too bad that, instead of two paid weeks off at the end of the year, we didn’t have one week then and one week now, because I guess business tends to slow down around now, and they have to start sending people home.

Maybe I’ll only have to work until 12:00. Maybe I won’t have to work all four days. I’m just tired.

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