Pet Sounds

Good morning, my dear, sweet readers. Thank you for tuning in. I’m watching Shane chase and capture his tailless toy mouse. They chew the tails off all of their toys. I think it’s so cute when he walks around with toys in his mouth. He will often try to start a conversation about his toy with loud meows, sometimes in the upstairs hallway at night to no one.

Obviously, I love cats. I went through a period of a year or two where I found cats annoying, when Aislyn was a newborn/ infant and Desmond was 4. I think I was overwhelmed and unable to give the cats the attention they deserved, and I still feel really bad about it.

But they didn’t die lonely. Derek was very good to both of them even when I was more dismissive.

It just breaks my heart to think about. I can’t think about it anymore.

I’d love a dog, but we already have two kids and two cats. That’s probably enough. And, pointed out my therapist, a dog is much higher maintenance than a cat. She has a dog, Carlos, who often makes cameos in our teletherapy appointments. She thinks he likes the sound of my voice. I dunno why my voice. I’ve never cared for it, but it’s nice to know animals do.

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