Really Early Lunch

My whole lower body is so sore today that I felt like I had to take an early break.

Gonna make for a long afternoon, though.

I tripped over a cart I didn’t see right in front of me, almost fell. I don’t know if anyone saw me. I hope not. How embarrassing.

It’s not like it was something just randomly left in the middle of the walkway. Everything is set up so that it has a place, everything is marked off. That’s 5s. Ah, well. I guess even 5s isn’t clumsy Leah-proof.

I brought maple balsamic salad dressing for my tomatoes today. It is really good.

Creepy Staring Guy is in here again today.

I don’t have much news, I guess. Sorry, readers, not today (inside joke between me and an old friend).

So not ready to get back up.

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