I’m getting switched from Nissan to something else now, where Sherrie is, so that’s good. Honestly, I’m just glad there’s work. I don’t have the vacation time yet to be out.

I’m not hearing back from anyplace, but I think I know why. I’ve got to change my cover letter. It makes it look like I could possibly go back to teaching, which is not what I intended.

I’m sitting right near another creepy guy (not on purpose). He never talks to me, just stares at me and grins. But it sounds like he’s on the phone, so I guess that’s probably a good thing? To distract him away from me? Maybe?

I seriously don’t know what these dudes see in me. I look like hell in this work uniform with my hair only half up because it won’t all stay, and my ill fitting T-shirt. It’s like, get a hobby or something.

Gotta go.

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