Well I’ll Be

Oddly enough, I’m down by 0.6 this week. I’m shocked. But I’ll take it. Not a bad way to start my reboot.

I’ve got my whole day tracked already. That’s pretty helpful, when I pre track. I’ve done entire weeks before, like the week of Thanksgiving. I think my Thanksgiving meal was a crazy low-point value, like 7, or something. And that week was really successful.

Here’s what we talked about in today’s workshop:

Go-to foods. Foods we use to help us to be successful on our journey. Foods that are tasty, healthy, perhaps low-point, high protein, fiber, etc.

After the workshop, I stayed and chatted with Kimmy and Deb about my go-to foods, overeating, stress, fatigue, and meditation. I’m going to look for some meditation podcasts for my commute home.

They have such amazing ideas and insights. Thanks again, ladies.

I also did my tanning and hit the stores for some of my go-to’s. Then lunch: eggs and grape tomatoes.

Next, laundry folding. Woo…hoo.

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