The Drudgery of Laundery

Yes, “laundry” is intentionally misspelled in the title for effect.

I spent four hours doing housework in this blistering heat. After folding laundry, I cleaned the kitchen, and started Desmond’s room.

I attempt to clean Desmond’s room very, very infrequently. Like, once a year, because it is so overwhelming. Surprisingly, despite his extreme A-type-ness, he is incredibly messy. You can’t really walk around on his floor because it’s littered with papers, books, and toys. Also clothes. I put in a whole other load of laundry, just with clothes I found on his floor, many of which are two sizes too small, now.

I don’t know why he’s so disorganized. I figured as an A-type, he’d take after me.

He did help me a little this time, though. Usually, he’s too overwhelmed by the chaos. Funny, Derek says the exact same thing about it as Desmond: “I don’t know where to begin.”

I don’t know, either, I just do it. I start with just one thing, like trash, or papers, and gather it all together. Then I go to the next item and repeat. Before I know it, I can actually walk around without hurting my feet or snapping little toys in half by stepping on them.

This is after we’d been working at it for a while. That’s Finny on the toy box.

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