No Work

Yesterday, Mary, the other supervisor, came through RU, telling some of us “No work tomorrow.” I didn’t ask why, because she seemed like she was on a mission and frankly, I was happy to have the day off. I used my Perfect Attendance Time to cover it.

I had switched to rear door, and I really have come to hate rear door, because it takes me forever to finish a box, and it was like 1:00 and I was ready to be done for the day.

Funny, I was kind of hoping someone would tell me to take the day off.

So I’m taking Desmond to the dentist, as he is way overdue, and they had one slot. It didn’t occur to me to take the appointment for myself, because I am in a moderate amount of pain, particularly when I eat. I just figured the kids come first, I guess.

Aislyn needs to go, too. Because of COVID, and not being vaccinated, she hasn’t been, yet. That’s why I called yesterday. To make appointments for all three of us. But she is still only half vaccinated.

Desmond is grouchy about going. Too bad instead of Dr. Bellanti being a young man, he wasn’t a young woman. But I doubt it would matter, I think he is still all “EWWW, girls.” I know that won’t last much longer, as he rapidly approaches adolescence.

He liked girls when he was little little. He was head over heals for Olivia, my friend Rachel’s daughter. She’s several years older than he is, but back when he did childcare with Ms. Rachel, his favorite time of day, and he would tell us this, was 3:15. That was when Olivia got out of school and visited with him. He was 4. She is a tall, blonde, beautiful girl. Very sweet, too, and very intelligent. And she loved Desmond and Aislyn as much as they loved her.

We used to invite them to his birthdays, and it was so cute to watch them play together.

When I was laid off from Social Significance, the saddest thing for me wasn’t the layoff, because I was unhappy there, anyway. It was that we wouldn’t need Rachel and Olivia anymore.

The kids’ last day there, when I was driving home, that last track on the Decemberists record The King is Dead came on (I can’t remember the name of the track, it might be Avery. Anyway, it’s a melancholy track.) I sobbed quietly into my steering wheel, hoping Desmond wouldn’t hear.

When I turned around and looked back at him, he was asleep.

I haven’t thought about that afternoon in years.

Rachel and family moved to Florida several years ago now. We keep in touch very sporadically over FB. I’m just not on FB much at all, anymore. I believe there’s such a thing as Facebook burnout, and I believe I have it.

I brought my coffee and a 32-oz. bottle of water in here, and you’re supposed to wear a mask. What was I thinking?

I asked Desmond if he wanted me to go in with him. He said: “You must stay here.” I had to laugh, it was very tongue-in-cheek. I’m just glad he’s in a better mood. I knew he’d adjust to the situation. He just needed time. And we chatted a lot in the car.

It’s hard for me to hear him from the backseat. I have to ask him to repeat every question. But he’s very patient with me. We talked about why cars have horns, why roads have tolls, and ugly yurts 🛖 (don’t ask, inside joke). And by the time we got here, he was in a much better mood.

They’ve snuck me in, too, to look at my tooth sensitivity. I suspect cavities. Full disclosure: I’ve gone to bed without brushing fairly often, because I’ve felt too tired to bother. Now I’m going to pay for it.

No cavities, but I should be wearing my mouth guard. Lots of grinding and clenching in my sleep. And I need a crown on one tooth. And I need to see a specialist about my receding gum line. He always says I have great teeth, though.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. We’re deciding what we’re going to do today. Hopefully something fun.

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