I chopped most of my fingernails, so they don’t wear through my gloves. I feel like, if they’re that easy to destroy, perhaps they should invest in better gloves. I go through a pair every two weeks. I brought it up at the first focus group, but it didn’t make it into this month’s notes.

I did 18 boxes yesterday. I’ll probably do 18 today.

My mouth really hurts. I need to call the dentist. I keep forgetting. I can’t eat or drink without pain.

This post is extremely boring. Sorry, readers. Sometimes when I’ve just gotten up, I have a hard time generating compelling material.

It’s like Tina Fey says, though, in Bossypants: not all of what you write will be gold nuggets. Some of it will be shit nuggets. Kinda gross, but certainly true.

Well, friends, I won’t continue to put you to sleep with my chronicles of the mundane. Hopefully my later posts will be better. Have a good morning ☀️ Talk later.

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