Fun with Sponges

I’m starting to get faster at rear door for Nissan. The sponges and their little cavities seem to be cooperating better. Although, and this is weird, I feel like it gets harder and takes longer as the day goes on. I wonder if the temperature causes the sponges to expand or something?

It’s fine, you can tell me I’m crazy. I’m not going to hear you, probably, anyway.

Probably I’m just getting tired of doing it, and that’s why it seems harder.

Aislyn has a telehealth appointment today with her GI nurse. I’m increasingly concerned about kindergarten. It would be awful for her if she had accidents there. Although I’m not totally sure it isn’t behavioral. In a way, that would be even worse. Like, why is she having accidents? What are the implications? Is she going to be an anxious child, too?

I just want them to be happy, that’s all I want, when it gets right down to it. Happy and healthy, of course.

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