A Little Extra Time

I got up a little earlier than usual, so I have the rare opportunity to sit for a minute. I don’t feel very well, my stomach is doing the funky chicken right now.

I’d stay home with Aislyn, but Derek has the week off, so I don’t need to.

It’s nice to know I have that 10 hours of Perfect Attendance Time if I need it. If I don’t use it, I think I can either roll it over or convert it to cash. That would be helpful at Christmas.

I’m afraid the kids may be disappointed this year. Since I’m not working at TJX anymore, I’m not spending my brains out on clothes and toys. It’s probably not going to look like last Christmas. But I got Desmond quite a few things he hasn’t used, so maybe they won’t even know the difference.

So at this point, I’ve gained back about half the weight I lost last year. In truth, I did lose it very quickly: 60ish pounds in 7 months? That’s pretty dramatic. I did the bike everyday, and I tracked religiously. It was the tracking, I think, more than the biking, that really did it. When I track, I lose.

I put the Lockabox in the cabinet, so at least I can’t see it all the time. Looking at it makes me want to snack. In retrospect, I should’ve gotten a non-see-through box. But maybe I still will, and I can use the clear one for meds or something else more boring than food.

I should get going. Have a great day, my fearless readers 😉 and a safe commute. Thanks for reading ❤️

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