Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.

It was quite a gain, that’s all I’m gonna say. I know I said I wasn’t going to discuss the scale, but, I lied.

Actually, I lied again. I think some of it was water weight. I drank my whole two coffees prior to weigh-in. And ate watery oatmeal. That really does affect your numbers.

Aislyn does not have COVID, by the way. But she does have a fever today, poor thing. Either way, I’m never using Somersworth Walmart pharmacy again for anything. The same woman was there today, when I went to pick up Aislyn’s vaccine card (I left it yesterday when I decided I wasn’t going back in there). I wanted to tell her off right then and there: “You aren’t a doctor, and how dare you judge me?!” She wasn’t the one who waited on me, though.

On the way to Sun Tan City, I did a quick, sneaky bra check: oh, no, the pink one.

Some background: Spray tanning can discolor your clothing. So I try to wear clothes I don’t care about staining. I already have a discolored bra, and I forgot to wear that one today.

Not wanting to ruin the expensive, pretty pink one, I folded it up and tried to stuff it in my little LL Bean purse. It didn’t fit. ARGH! Somehow I managed to jimmy it in enough to button the front of my purse, so it couldn’t be seen. Then on the way out I had to carry my sweater in a bundle in front of me while I bralessly shimmied to my car. Good thing that was my last stop.

Except it wasn’t. I decided I was thirsty, so I went through the Dunkin’ drive through and ordered a sugar free blueberry iced coffee with almond milk. When I opened my bag to get my debit card, guess what popped out. The kid at the register just stared, boggle-eyed, mouth open. There’s a chance I might’ve traumatized him.

“Oops,” I said.

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