I’m working on an 80s rewind play list for Spotify. It’s not what you’d expect, though. The best songs, like “How Soon is Now?” or “Shy,” or “Only You,” or “Love Song,” or “Under the Milky Way Tonight,” those aren’t going to be on this one.

That’s because I didn’t know those songs back then, or I didn’t appreciate them, yet.

This playlist is only for the songs I heard and liked when I was growing up. Since my mom only listened to soft rock, my experience of good music was very limited, in deed.

I haven’t decided if I will put them in order, but probably, because toward the end of the 80s is when I did start listening to music that wasn’t my mother’s. If I put them at least vaguely in order, you’ll be able to see exactly where my taste in music started, and what it looked like.

Because I know you’re just dying to know this information about me.

Aislyn gets her second dose of Pfizer today. She’ll be all set for school and other activities. We’ve been taking the kids places, anyway. But now I’ll be less worried about it.

We need to clean the house, as Desmond would like to have friends over. I figure tomorrow would be a good day to start working on that, since it’s going to rain.

I’m not expecting good news from WW tomorrow. I’ve had three pretty bad days. Plus a whole week prior of bad days. I’m expecting a gain.

Unsurprisingly, I find my resolve is weakest when I’m tired. Sunday is usually my most awake and alert day, because I’ve slept until 8, so I usually do better on Sunday (not this past one, though).

Anyway, here’s a nostalgia picture of me and my Aunt Eileen, circa 1980?

My Aunt Leenie was the youngest. She couldn’t have been much more than 20 in this photo. I think the other person who is cut off is my great grandmother, who died when I was 13.

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