Long One

I’m very slowly getting faster at rear door, from an hour to about 40 minutes.

The sticky wicket is putting those damn sponges into the parts. What’s a matter, parts? What I have to do, sweet talk you, feed you chocolates?

I find that it’s easier if I grip the sides gently, then slide in one quick motion. The adhesive makes the sponge catch before I can get it in far enough.

Now that I’ve bored you to death (or possibly turned you on), may I say I had a bad night last night. It started out well, until I got hold of the Stuffed Puffs (marshmallows with chocolate inside). Then I ate all of my brownies, and lots of ice cream, albeit low fat.

I have had I think three good days this week, though. And the puffs are in the lockbox, now.

It used to be I was in no huge hurry for my lunch break. Lately I’m dying for it! It’s not because I’m hungry; I’m really not. But my body is sore, and I’m pretty tired of Nissan by now. It’s weird I’m not motivated to increase my daily numbers. I am a little, but not like with MP. I got so good at MP, I hope they put us back there, soon.

I’m also just glad to be working. Some of my coworkers with vacation time have been asked to use their days right now, including Sherrie. Apparently, sales have gone down by 20% this month.

Uggggh, not the timer already. Talk later.

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