Might Be Too Spiky

There’s no rhyme or reason to this title, Aislyn just said it while building her obstacle course and I thought it sounded good.

I am so, so tired. I could fall asleep sitting in my chair right now.

Grocery day is going well, so far. I still have six points left for the day, and I already ate dinner. Not everything that should be is in the lock box, yet, but I haven’t touched anything.

Falling asleep right now, actually, right in the middle of typing. But I can’t go to bed. It’s my night to put Aislyn to bed, and she’ll be really bummed out if no one goes in with her.

But I am definitely starting to crash. If I could go to bed now, I wouldn’t have to worry about overeating, probably.

This is very likely goodnight, friends. Have a great night. Talk on the Flipside.

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