Let’s Just Call It Regular Lunch from Now on

My body is so sore and so tired. My PT said I was way out of alignment yesterday. It’s my fault; not doing the exercises. I did do some this morning, but I‘m supposed to do them several times a day.

If I do them right now, I can’t type. Maybe later. I hear you asking “When, later?” I don’t know, when I get home?

Yes, I do have fake telepathy. Isn’t that exciting?

Can you tell I’m not sure what to write about? Maybe I should exercise. It’s just that the exercise makes me sore, too, and I’d rather talk to you ❤️ 🙂

Three minutes. I was sad this morning. No idea why. Not meds or period-related. Sometimes I guess I just get sad, like everyone. It didn’t last long, though. Usually doesn’t.

D’OH! There’s the timer. So not ready to get up.

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