Home for Now

I have PT at 4:15, so pretty much have to get right back in my car and go, but Desmond had a rough night last night (sad, not feeling well), and I wanted to see how he’s feeling when he gets home. Plus I was able to make my lunch and set out my clothes for tomorrow.

Okay, I don’t usually do this, but you guys are all good peeps, right? Right! I walked into Aislyn’s room after making my lunch, and this is where I found her:

Pictures of Aislyn where I can see her resemblance to me are few and far between. The last ones were:

Quite a while ago (early 2020)

Desmond doesn’t look like me at all. He does have my eyes, though.

Anyway, I thought it was super cute and funny that she had gotten into the basket with her stuffies.

So, I’d better go. I don’t really want to, but, I’ll get charged $100 for not showing up.

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