Life Without Adderall

I was correct about Anthem placing me on hold. It wasn’t long, but too long of a phone call to make on a 15-minute break.

I think I may have done 6 1/2 boxes today. Sad, sad, sad. I hope they put us back in MP soon. I finally got good at it, and they had to go and move me. Dammit, The Hutch.

I’m tired, but not falling asleep (yet). I’ve pumped myself full of diet Dew, though, to stay awake.

I’ve got 9 points left, and that’s after dinner. So that’s good. My lockbox was just delivered. I just barely sat down, though, since I’ve been home, so I’m not in a huge hurry to get off my spray-tanned butt and fetch it off the front step.

Aislyn is pestering me to play the Switch. I really don’t want to.

I’m afraid her screen time may be coming to an abrupt end very soon, as she’s even having pee accidents, now. Frequently. I know you’re not supposed to punish for accidents, but she tells us the reason she has the accidents is because she doesn’t want to stop playing the Switch. So what’s a mama to do? I’m seriously at a loss.

I know kids her age are not even supposed to have screen time. It’s a long story. You can turn me in to the parenting police if you want, but there’s got to be worse things than too much screen time…right?

I never said I was a perfect parent. I’ll leave that title to my nemesis, too 😉

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