Read My Lips

Why are other drivers so mean?

I was at an intersection in the Hannaford parking lot. I had a stop sign. I was trying to adjust the shopping bag to keep it from spilling its contents onto the floor of the passenger seat (Derek’s car doesn’t have the handy sorting bins in the back. Mine didn’t either; I had to buy them). I’ll be the first to admit, I was not paying attention like I should’ve been.

Anyway, I started to turn and this lady comes barreling up and blasts her horn at me. I did the usual “Oops, I’m sorry,” gesture at her, but she starts yelling at me through the closed windows. I repeat the I’m sorry gesture and this time also mouth the words at her, but she keeps running her mouth at me.

WTH? I’ve apologized twice to this road-raging woman. Now I’m pissed off, too. Now the claws come out:

“I #%^*ing said I was +*^##ing sorry, you #%**ing =*^**+, what the @$&” do you #%^*ing WANT from me, you /:;)$ing &$)@!?!” I’m screaming from inside Derek’s car. “$&@ YOU!”


Well, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can go on about my day.

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