Mixed Bag

Today is normally my sleep-in day. I slept in about the same as usual, I guess. I’m just not going to WW today. I’d bring Aislyn with me, but for one thing, I don’t know if she’d sit for 30 minutes, even with the iPad. She will at home, but you never know. She’s very social, she might want to take over the workshop.

I’m looking really pale today. I need a new coating.

Yesterday wasn’t terrible, foodwise. I had some high-point choices, but I didn’t binge. The bingeing is what scares me most about my eating habits.

I’m without my morning dose of Adderall. I foolishly switched pharmacies, and Hannaford can’t get the capsules in because they’re on back order or something. This is the second day. It really sucks.

My doctor sent a script for tablets but my insurance company needs a prior authorization, so everything is in limbo. I’ve been trying to compensate with extra caffeine, but of course it’s not the same. I’m afraid of how it’s going to affect me at work.

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