Grocery Night

Grocery night was bad. I’m getting tired of sharing bad reports. I hate this. Why is it so hard to behave myself?

I’m not going to WW this Sunday because Desmond has his color run at that time, and I need to be with Aislyn. It’s fine, it’s just, the meetings help keep me on track, well, at least for a day. But my attendance has been really good, so, I’ll persevere. I want Desmond to be able to do his color run. He’s been talking about it for months.

He really is a good runner, I think. He should do track when he’s older.

Aislyn’s going to be a cheerleader, I can already tell. Or a dancer, like I was. She loves to dance.

More Nissan today. It takes me a very long time to get through one box. Time to go.

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