Tetris Sponges

The sponges in the RU department are like the t-shaped tetriminos in that game Tetris, a game at which I am an expert, by the way.

Ironically, I am not an expert at this. Somehow, it’s taken me all day to do two boxes!

I got back from my morning break two minutes late, so now I have a point, and I won’t get the extra whatever % in my paycheck. I could go talk to Mike and he’d probably take it away, since I usually never come back late from a break, but I dunno, I feel slimy trying to wiggle out of personal accountability. Damnit, I deserve to be severely punished!

No, I’m kidding…kind of 😏

I am sure they won’t be happy with me at the end of the day when they see my tiny number. But the lady said to take my time.

I’m afraid I’ll be on this line all week. It’s not bad, but I want to go FAST, and can’t.

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