Must Be Sunday

I spent 3 1/2 hours picking up the downstairs and folding clothes. Supposedly, that earns me 7 activity points and burns 655 calories. I don’t know. It wasn’t really vigorous work. I did take over 7,000 steps today, though, which is unusually high for a Sunday.

I’ve done well nutritionally, too. I’m still under budget.

I call this one “Must Be Sunday” for two reasons. Firstly, I organized the shit out of the downstairs, which is what I tend to do every Sunday, since it’s the only day I really have the energy because I sleep in.

Secondly, I’m having an on-program day, so far. Sunday is usually my best points day because I’m still super-pumped from the workshop.

I’m hoping I can carry over the motivation a few more days this week.

Nah, but organizing is my thing. The kids know it, Derek knows it. I didn’t do a whole lot of actual cleaning/ sanitizing, though, because there wasn’t really time.

We had filet mignon medallions for dinner, and when I ribbed Derek for also having a Steak-umm at lunch (he’s trying to lose 20 pounds because of the sleep apnea), his defense was that they were practice steaks for tonight’s main event.

Well, dinner’s over, and more cleanup awaits. Talk later, my readers.

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