Done Tannin’

The girls in my high school used to call it “tannin’” because they all had thick Mass accents.

They told Katey and me we needed to go tannin’ ostensibly because we were both very pale. The “Fly Girls,” they were called. The cheerleaders in the class below us. I don’t know why the cheerleaders in our class weren’t also called fly girls; they were pretty fly, too. It was just some inside joke the jocks had about them, I guess.

You’ve got to give me one thing: I’ve got a story for fricken everything.

Anyway, we just laughed at them. They look like raisins, now…from all the tannin’.

We’re going to UNH to walk around and possibly eat DHOP. We live 10 minutes from the main campus. We kind of planned that. I would only have one slice. But probably the biggest one.

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