I thought of what I could do to avoid the kitchen after putting Aislyn to bed. I could plant a snack in my bedroom ahead of time, so that I’d know I had something waiting for me up there. Aislyn’s room is right by the stairs, so I don’t have to pass through or even by the kitchen to get upstairs from her room.

Hers is the first room you encounter when coming in the house. I do have concerns about that when she’s a teenager, as it will be easy for her to sneak in and out of the house in the middle of the night.

My aunt Leenie came over about six months ago and asked me when I was planning on removing the plastic child protective doorknob cover on the front door.

“Not until she’s 25,” I said. She’s not allowed to date until she’s 30.

We suspect she will develop a crush on the boy next door; she’s already taken quite an interest in him…both of them, actually. There’s one on the other side of us, too, that I forgot about. But we’re more nervous about one than the other (the one who flips off the older kids on the school bus).

I know I’m going to be hungry later tonight, but I’ve used up most of my points already.

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