Waiting for the Groceries

Having a hard time not overindulging tonight. I had a salad for dinner, but I also had French bread with butter, wontons from Desmond’s salad, a small slice of flatbread pizza, and two Yasso poppables. Mind you, I had 5 of 22 target points all day until dinner.

I guess I was just hungry.

But I want that last Poppable. And a Fiber 1 brownie.

I do have the weeklies to back it all up, though. So if I chose to, I could have 27 more points tonight and still be “fine.” Not that I would.

Oddly, I don’t feel full, yet. My salad was hearty; it had chicken, egg, and avocado in it. So I know I ate enough.

Well, now I feel full, after another decaf and 2 brownies. I should be set for the night.

If you can’t tell, I’m a snack person. Meals are okay, but I save up for the snacks. They’re also what get me in trouble, though.

But not tonight.

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