Just Exhausted

Lunch time couldn’t come soon enough today, not because I’m that hungry—I’ve been pounding the water all day—but because I am beat!

I don’t know if I didn’t sleep well? I guess I usually don’t. Or if it was the PT yesterday. But my body is sore, and I’m grateful to be sitting down for a few minutes.

I brought strawberries for a snack. Mmmmm…strawberries. They are almost too ripe.

A few weeks ago I spent $13 on a bag of cherries. Why are they so expensive?! Well, anyway, it was worth it. I love cherries.

We’re only supposed to sit one to a table, but certain of these ladies sit together, like, every single day. Such disregard for rules, I never!

No, I’m only kidding. I’m the one who’s a marked woman for not following 5s.

For those of you who don’t know what 5s is, it’s a big, big deal in manufacturing. I actually learned about it last year, well before I ever worked in a factory. It’s an organization-wide…organization system. Hee hee, too many “organizations” in this sentence. To have a safer and more efficient plant through standardized arrangement of equipment and materials. As an organizing nut, it’s really quite fascinating to me.

I don’t have time to keep going. Google it if you’re interested. Also called lean production.

Have a swell afternoon, friends.

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