Not a Great End, Either

I got all the way to my car before I realized I had left my purse (and keys) in my locker. It is at least a five-minute walk from A to B. And I was already running late for my Naimark appointment.

I made it just in time, but I have PT not until 4:15, so I went to Dunkin’ for avocado toast. I stood at the back counter inside to eat and futz around on my phone (there were no tables) until I was asked to leave by one of the kids working there. Apparently they are carry-out only, although I didn’t see any signs.

So now I’m sitting in my car, waiting for the cops to come and kick me out of the DD parking lot because there’s a 30-minute limit.

It just didn’t make sense, I thought, to go home after the Naimark appointment. In no time, I’d have to just turn around and go back out, and I wouldn’t want to. But now I’m regretting my decision. Aislyn and I could’ve gotten Desmond off the bus. Now it’s too late to go home. As it is I won’t be home until at least 6:00, because I have a third appointment with my therapist right after PT.

This has been kind of a sucky day.

I guess it could be worse, though. These are all minor irritations, and I feel privileged and spoiled, reading them back.

It could certainly be worse.

I’ll just be glad to finally get home for the night. Despite my whining, it really doesn’t take much to make me happy. Sweatpants, decaf, my family and Shane on my lap. Just Shane on my lap, though, not my whole family, I hope I’ve made that clear for you, now.

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