Waiting for the Bus

It’s surprisingly cool after yesterday in New Hampshire. Yesterday it was 90. Today it’s 60. I had to put on pants and long sleeves to come back out here.

When I was younger I was hot all the time. Now I find myself turning off my AC. I appreciate the warmth a lot more than I used to. I think my metabolism must be slowing down.

For the first time in months I feel really hopeful that I’m going to have some lasting success. Not just one or two good weeks, but several. I don’t know what the difference is between now and other times, it’s just a feeling I have, I guess. I’m feeling positive, and excited. Pretty soon, all those clothes in my closet will fit again. Maybe by the fall, I can even wear some of those dresses I felt self-conscious in when I first tried them on. I don’t know where I’ll wear them, but who cares? They’ll fit!

I can do this. I’ve got this. Finally.

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