The Shopping List

Interestingly, I end up spending more when I don’t get my junk food.

The only somewhat decadent food I put on the list was the Fiber One brownies, and I didn’t choose my favorite ones, because I can eat the entire box in one sitting. And then, there are problems.

The chocolate chocolate chip brownies are good, but for some reason, I don’t binge on them. Maybe because they’re too rich. I still have some left from a couple of weeks back, if that tells you anything.

I also did an experiment with my coffee creamer. It’s zero points for one serving, but I know I use way more than a tablespoon. So I got out my 2 tbs measure and put 4 tbs in my coffee, which is how I’ve always tracked it. It comes to 2 points.

Well, after tasting those 4 tbs and burning my tongue, I can say with certainty that I’ve been using way more than 4 tbs of creamer in my coffee, which is what I suspected. It’s not even still hot after I add it. So I’ve actually been spending more points than I’ve told myself I have on my coffee.

So, what to do? Keep drinking my coffee the way I like it and be more accurate about the damage, or reduce down to the 4 tbs I say I drink?

I’ve cut back my coffee consumption considerably, to 2-3 cups per day (vs. 5-6). So it may not be such a big deal to drink it super sweet. As in, the extra points could be worth it. I’m not sure. Because on the other hand, it’s empty calories.

Maybe I’ll measure out the creamer for a week and see if I get used to it that way.

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