Still Going Strong

Both in the fact that I got up so early, and food-wise.

I found this app, Lose It, where you can set a goal and track your calories for free. Like most other apps, you can upgrade to a more comprehensive, paid plan, but I’m already doing WW, so no need for that.

The reason I downloaded it was mainly because I wanted to see what my daily calorie intake would need to be to reach my goal in under a year. If I lose 1.5 pounds a week, I can meet my long term goal by February 2023, but I can only consume about 1200 calories a day.

The recommended plan had a 1500-calorie target to lose 1 pound a week and reach my goal by June of ‘23, but I want to try the more aggressive plan first, to see if I can manage it. If it’s too hard, I’ll shoot for 1 pound per week.

I think I can do the 1.5 a week, because, as I said before, I was able to lose nearly 60 pounds in relatively short order last year. And I think I would’ve kept it off and continued to lose if it hadn’t been for the Depo shot. But I guess we’ll see what happens.

I will probably track both points and calories for a while until I’m familiar with the calories in the foods I usually eat. Then I’ll go back to just points: whatever the equivalent is to around 1200 calories.

I feel hopeful that this time, it’s going to take. Although I’m not super optimistic, because of how many, many false starts I’ve had since December. I guess I am cautiously optimistic. I’m caushimistic.

However, if I expect myself to fail, I probably will. So I’ve set myself up as much as possible to succeed. I’ve got fruits and nuts for snacks, and barriers to the fudge rounds. God, even seeing the words makes me want one, though!

But I know if I can just get over that hurdle of feeling like I need them, I won’t crave them, anymore. Eventually.

So, my friends, wish me luck on this spray-tanned leg of the journey.

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