Goal Planning

If I lose two pounds a week, I could be at my goal weight by the end of the year, or January 2023. If I start now. No pressure or nuthin’.

No, but seriously, that’s doable for me, if I can get back in the swing and out of this binge cycle I’ve created. I lost almost 60 pounds from last May to December. The real challenge would be to keep it off by maintaining healthy habits. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Happy Scale breaks up your long term goal into 10 smaller milestones. It’s an app I found for daily weigh-ins. I could do smallish rewards at each milestone met.

It works out to about 1200 calories a day, since I’m really only lightly active at this point. But I think I can do that. Especially if I can go without all of the extra snacks. I do fine with my actual meals most of the time.

My breakfast isn’t more than 200 calories. Lunch is probably about 200, maybe 250. Dinner, as long as it’s not pizza or something else super savory, could be something like 5-700 calories, which would sometimes allow for a small snack.

If I can get myself from lightly to moderately active, I’ll have more wiggle room with calories.

Yes, I can do this. I think the secret is to not buy so many empty calorie snacks. When there’s less to choose from, I’m not as excited about eating.

Desmond doesn’t do a good job of hiding his fudge rounds from me. They’re always in plain sight. So I put a box of them in his window, requiring me to walk all the way across his room if I want them. You might think, so what? But Desmond’s floor is a mine field of toys and gadgets that I’d rather not step on or tiptoe around. That’s the best solution I can come up with for fudge rounds. So far, though, it’s worked for me.

I could carefully plan the week’s shopping list now to not include as much junk.

The Des is awake.

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