The Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi Soda Crisis

EDIT: D’OH! I thought this post would go back to its March position on the blog, but it went to the front of my posts, instead. So, for those of you who already saw it, here it is again for your re-enjoyment.

Apparently there is a can shortage because Pepsi can’t get enough people to work for them. Dammit, Pepsi, I’ll come work for you, I just want my diet cherry back!

Sometimes I can drink regular Diet Pepsi without tasting the poison that it is, (Aspartame is bad news, friends, but like I said, one obsessive problem at a time), but not lately. It’s pure floor polish right now (say that five times fast).

The good news is I can still taste my foods. So many of my compatriots have been out with COVID that I’ve been scared for weeks.

I should make a music video and YouTube it: I’m bringing Cherry back.

Yeah, no. I’m too old to make a music video. Though I suppose I wouldn’t necessarily have to be in it. I could just direct it. Find some young kid to feature in it. Probably not Justin Bieber. Derek would throw up his spleen if I did that.

Think I need something to do?

It might be time to put on actual clothes and test the roads. Or clean Aislyn’s room.

Ya think?

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