Toss My Cookies

I just got back from my tan. I’m sitting in the living room on the couch with Shane, drinking my decaf. But what I really want is a fudge round. No, what I really, really want is a Crumbl cookie from the store at Fox Run, but they are 30 points! And there’s a $10 delivery fee.

They do sell a cookie cutter that divides the cookie into four, serving-sized parts, though. 1/4 of the cookie would be fewer points than the Halo Top I was planning on tonight.

But what are the chances I’ll only eat a quarter of the cookie?

Actually, I did do that at TJ Maxx when they got us Crumbl cookies. I had about a fourth of it and pitched the rest. But I didn’t pay for those cookies. I don’t know if I could throw away most of a $3 treat. Maybe half?

I feel like I’m in the bargaining stage of weight management, if that makes sense.

I looked in the full-length mirror at Sun Tan City. I didn’t even recognize my own self.

Every day I put this off is another day farther away from getting to my goal…and reaping the benefits.

The question is, do I avoid the cookie entirely or buy one and eat some of it? Because there will always be cookies and ice cream and cakes and chocolate around, and I need to learn how to deal with that, rather than isolate myself from it all.

At the moment, I’m going to deal by not dealing, close my eyes and rest. It’s because I feel tired, but it’s also a delay tactic.

My body is sore today. I don’t know why.

Good night, my readers.

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