It All Comes Out in the Wash

The warehouse ran out of orange boxes, so I had to repack 200+ parts into cardboard boxes. So I lost most of my lead time, which was okay, since I had so much extra. But I still get them done too fast. They’re going to catch on eventually. I don’t know how Sherrie has managed to fool them this long.

Ray got promoted to an upstairs, office job, so I guess that’s why he’s not around anymore. Then they promoted Eddie to Ray’s old position. It would be so cool to get promoted. But I’ve only been here since February. They’ve been here for years, at least Ray has. If he got the materials planner job they were advertising, he is rollin’ in it, now. From my perspective, at least.

I thought about applying for that job, but I figured they’d choose someone with a lot more seniority. Anyway, good for him.

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