Title No Longer Relevant (What I Love About the Journey)

Every day’s a new day. Another chance to get it right.

My friend Alice-Marie called me about an opening for a BCBA. She said they would be interested in someone with coursework who still needed clinical hours. She told them she knew someone really good. I thanked her, but my coursework is so old now that I don’t think the board would accept it. It’s from the third task list, and I think they’re on at least the 5th edition, now.

I talked to the board about this problem years ago, and they seemed to think I’d have to retake the courses. Uhh, no thanks. The dean of my program had said some people who had 3rd edition were sitting for the exam anyway and making it through. But that was during the 4th edition.

It’s actually only six courses. I wonder how hard it would be… no. This is crazy talk. It didn’t work out the first time, why force something that doesn’t work? Plus, more debt.

I can go to school for free through Hutchinson at SNHU. Human Resources. I could see myself doing that. I love learning about different personality types and generations and stuff like that. Organizational behavior. Right up my alley.

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