I can’t find my travel mug. I’m afraid I left it at WW. Now how will I get my two coffees to work? Every morning I drink two coffees. This sucks.

I got my new spray tan today. It looks darker than the first one, even though I got the same thing: medium plus. Maybe it’s because the first one hadn’t totally gone away.

Anyway, as a result, I’m not really supposed to shower until tomorrow. So I’m not starting the bike tonight. Unless I really feel like I need it. I’ll know if I’m off the couch, restlessly milling around the living room, going, “What should I do?” It happens. It’s me trying to stay out of the kitchen but not knowing what to do instead.

I’m at 16 points, so I could have a snack, but probably not a fudge round. Maybe granola and almond milk. Maybe some cereal. I don’t feel like I need anything just now.

I’m anxious to get through tonight just to prove to myself I can. I know I can. I’ve done it before.

I need to know what to do, though, when the novelty wears off and my motivation ebbs. Bike, bike, bike. Last year I got so consistent with it that I hated any day I had to skip it. One week I hurt myself and had to take the next week off. I was miserable. I’d like to get back to that point.

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