An Education

I get to WW half an hour early to guarantee myself a parking space. We’re right next to The Roundabout Diner, a very popular Sunday breakfast joint, and people eating there frequently take spaces from Best Western.

Kimmy and Deb and I had a really good talk today about habits and myth-busting. I’ve decided I’m going to focus Sunday’s blogs not so much on what I gained or lost, but what I learned in the workshop.

I’m going to say “screw it!” And bike after dinner. Who cares about digestion? There seems to be no real consensus on how long to wait before you work out after a meal, anyway, and it will give me something to do other than raiding the kitchen.

I’ll start at 7:00 pm, shower at 7:35, and, if there’s time left, read or blog. I’ll try it for a week and see how it goes.

In today’s workshop, we talked about the myth of the 21-day habit change, which I think I’ve already discussed here. My goal is to replace my nighttime snacking/ bingeing habit with other activities. I expect it to take longer than 21 days to cement, of course, because it took months to get stuck in this rut.

And, I’m going to track at night. Everything that goes into my mouth. I just need to decide when to do it, specifically. Maybe right before biking? I was just thinking I don’t want to sit down right before a workout because there’s a chance I won’t get back up, but I don’t have to be sitting to track. That’s just the picture I have in my head.

So, and I’ll be honest, although the scale didn’t go well for me today, I don’t consider this week a failure. I consider it a learning curve, a critical turning point. A series of moments when lights flashed on in my head. I’m smarter today than I was yesterday. It’s finally, finally time to start climbing out of this rabbit hole. Thanks, Kimmy and Deb ❤️

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